• Mindset
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Performance

Mental toughness certifications, past studies in a Masters in Sports Psychology, and 15 years of experience is the foundational frame work used in Sync’s mindset teachings.

If asked, “How much does the mental side of things have to do with success or Performace?” You will say at least 20% or more, right? So why would anyone let this component be bypassed?

It was obvious to us that we needed to be the best in this area.
– this is where we understand the realities of this industry. We are at the same level with you, educating you just as we were educated. If you become educated, success is inevitable.

The power transfers to YOU!

A component that can not be dismissed by neither body transformations nor athletic performance. We are confident in saying we are the only facility or program in Central Arkansas that applies ONLY 100% science. And have done so for the last 15 years.

All fads, magazine science, bro science, hyped marketing, or loose knit research that use scare tactics, are not permitted to be pushed by any trainer here.

Being unethical is not tolerated.

Understanding the what, where, why, when, and how is pertinent in your long continual success. Warren, Sync’s owner, reached Amazon’s #1 best sellers list with his topic of fitness and nutrition myths and misconceptions.

All members will get this book for free.

Key for any transformation or athletic enhancement. What do we mean by movement? It is not as simple as “get moving”. Yes just moving is better than nothing but onset heart disease is better than a full blown heart attack. BUT you rather have neither, right? Movement is a must improving quality of life and for athletes in maximizing real full potential. Injury prevention is key as well. This does get complicated so we take all the guess work out. Imagine knowing more than your past trainers: ) You will no longer be fooled. Our basic method: a) When exercising the mission is to evaluate where you need to start. Movement strengths and movement weaknesses and dysfunction. b) We want to work building a foundation that will allow progress and prevent injury or pain.

Parents are being told "to make your kid like a pro they must train like one".

Exercisers think to get that perfect body you must train like an athlete. WRONG!

Pro Athletes didn't start with what they do now, as a pro. Makes sense right?

They started with foundation foundation foundation.

Why doesn't all facilities have the know how, you may ask? It's a quick money maker that's why! Plus it is a huge time and money investment on the professionals part.

(Parents wanting their kids to be best) + (lack of understanding youth performance) = (lots of busineses and money by taking advantage)

Has anyone offered you supplements that guarantee success? Those are the ones that want your money!

We don't want this to happen to you.

Youth performance training and body transformations are a very extensive learning experience. Not easy to do or quickly done.

  • Progressive programming through developmental stages,
  • Plane of motion - body position awareness
  • Joint Stability -> endurance-strength
  • Core control -> strength-power
  • Understanding of what allows peak performance
  • Optimal range of motion in joints (not over extended range)
  • Techniques in power and strength movements
  • Mental toughness
  • Deceleration in all planes of motion

And much more.

My thoughts...

My biggest evaluation is that the forefront thing we give is Direction. I've been very pleased with how my trainers have been determined in giving direction and not getting caught up in fitness material things or pressures to cut corners. When it comes down to it, cosmetics and new equipment does not matter if their isn't Proper direction. Or if the fitness professional giving direction needs direction themselves.