Best Selling Author on Fitness to Open Training Facility in Arkansas

CONWAY, ARK – Warren Martin, an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author & 12-time published author is opening a new training and fitness facility called Sync Fitness & Movement. Sync Fitness & Movement was built on the foundation of a unique paradigm that differs from other fitness centers’ training standards and methods. When Martin conceptualized Sync Fitness & Movement, he was determined not to follow the typical hierarchy between trainers and clients. Martin believes the hierarchy approach results in much lower positive psychological and physical outcomes. Martin’s program is based on his 20 certifications and specializations and his 15 years of experience working with common, hard-working parents, youth, and pro athletes. “When a fitness professional or a facility wants you to see them as superior, that transforms your goal subconsciously wanting to be more like them,” Martin said. “When we educate you, we make sure the proper understanding is there so your success is great and predictable.” Martin’s training methods have changed thousands of lives through body transformations, less joint pains, athlete performance, and better quality of life. Thanks to these results, Martin has been featured in Men’s Fitness (US) & Women’s Fitness (Ireland and UK) and appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. According to Martin, the flawed hierarchy approach inevitably develops an inferiority complex in clients who wish they could be as athletically fit as their trainer. “We make it simple so you can learn more than the average fitness trainer,” Martin said. “We can prevent plateauing from hitting as well because honestly there should never be a plateau. Ask a fitness professional what causes a plateau. If the answer is that your body adjusts (somehow) then you know they are confused as much as you.”

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