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Body Transformation

Youth Athlete

Sandra Childers

I would like to begin by telling you where I was in my life when I began to use Sync Fitness & Movement as my fitness trainer. My marriage of 20 years had just ended with my husband divorcing me and getting married to a woman 18 years younger than me. My son had just deployed to Iraq a month prior to this. I weighed 245 pounds with a medication list of antidepressants, anti anxiety medications and blood pressure medicines. I was a complete and total mess. I cannot stress to you how much I did NOT know I could change and be happy and confident again.

Kathi Kinder

Approximately five years ago a friend of mine introduced me to Sync Fitness & Movement. Like many individuals I was trying to lose weight and had “flat-lined”. I had also been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in my lower back, making it extremely painful to workout. I was on a regular regimen of muscle relaxers just so I could sleep at night and make it through normal daily activities. Needless to say, I was VERY discouraged and did not entertain the idea of working out.

The first day I met Sync Fitness & Movement, he asked about my aches and pains, my eating habits, exercise routines and any diets I had tried in the past. He then put me through a series of mobility and agility exercises to determine what areas he needed work and where to begin. He asked me to track my daily food intake for a week. From this information he would be able to recommend a menu which would provide me with an appropriate caloric intake, as well as foods rich in the nutrients I would need to help with the weight loss. This was not going to be a fast fad diet.

During one of the early visits Sync Fitness & Movement recommended muscle strengthening and range of motion exercises which would strengthen my back, assisting with posture and eliminating some of the pain I felt. He told me I was “out of balance” – imagine that?!? Of course, I was skeptical, but figured I would work with it and see what happened.

We began with stretching, muscle strengthening and core exercises. Then weights and cardio were added to the routine. I began to see the pounds and inches disappear. Between the workouts and the nutrition plan, I had more energy than I had in years! What was even more amazing, I had not taken a muscle relaxer in weeks! My back felt better than it had in years and workouts were something I actually looked forward to doing. In March of 2010 at age 47 I ran the Little Rock half-marathon and finished in just under 3 hours. This was something I would never have dreamed of doing!

Here it is 2014 I have been able to maintain my weight and size for several years. As my daily activities/lifestyle change (as I age) Sync Fitness & Movement adjusts my menu accordingly. Yes, I still workout with Sync Fitness & Movement on a regular basis and will continue to do so into the future – who knows I may train for a full marathon!

Sync Fitness & Movement is not only my personal trainer but someone I consider a friend. He has the ability to make you want to dig deeper and push yourself to limits you would never imagine yourself reaching.

Darrin Hale – Vilonia, AR

My son Brendan began using Sync Fitness & Movement system in March 2015. His personal goal is to play football at the collegiate level. From March to August I have been amazed at the physical change Brendan has made in such a short period of time. A drop in weight (25 lbs) & an increase in lean muscle (due to a comprehensive training & diet plan) has transformed him from a 235 lb defensive end into a 210 lb fullback. Along with gaining strength, vertical & lateral speed, the trainers at Sync have helped correct improper balance & movements that for years had caused Brendan to have feet & leg problems. Many individuals, while watching Brendan at various football camps & practices, have come to me & asked, “what has Brendan been doing? He looks different.” Thanks to Sync Fitness & Movement program, Brendan is not only excelling athletically, but he is having fun doing it & looks forward to his sessions, even when they are at 6 AM during a school day! I highly recommend Sync Fitness & Movement staff for anyone who desires to make a positive change in there bodies.