SYNC Memebers

Dr. John Spencer Ellis

I have worked with Sync Fitness & Movement on numerous projects over the past several years. These projects have been as diverse as offering a number one best-selling book, appearing on nationwide television, and belonging to an elite level mastermind group within the health and fitness industry. I have found him to be of the highest character. He is a man of integrity, and he’s also available to help others within the industry to grow and prosper as well. Sync Fitness & Movement gets my full endorsement, and of course my appreciation for all of his contributions.

Rickey & Janet Clements

Sync Fitness & Movement works with our 11 year old son, and has for about a year now. Sync Fitness & Movement has done amazing things with him, not only has Sync Fitness & Movement worked on fundamentals but how to correctly use the things he has taught him. As a fitness coach he is kind and patient, never demanding. Sync Fitness & Movement has taught our son many techniques and how to do thing with out injury, but the greatest gift Sync Fitness & Movement has given our son is self confidence. A year ago our son would not have tried as hard in anything sport related, but his overall attitude and self confidence has dramatically changed. Now he is running track with the fastest time, one of the fastest to come off the line in football and knowing that he can succeed in anything he puts his mind to. He has a dream to play football for the Arkansas Razorbacks, and as he says “I will make it to the Hill to play football, I’m just as good as everyone else, I WILL CRUSH IT! And Sync Fitness & Movement is going to help me get there.

I could brag all day about my son and Sync Fitness & Movement, and I’m thankful for all Sync Fitness & Movement has done for him, not only as a coach, but a mentor. He is 11, but he is dedicated and has said several times, I would not be here today without the help from Sync Fitness & Movement, hard work does pay off, this year I get to play in the State Championship game.

Sync Fitness & Movement to deserves recognition for all of the time, energy and Heart he puts into his work. Thank you Sync Fitness & Movement!


Marjorie Hays

I have been a client of Sync Fitness & Movement for years. He is so much more than my “personal trainer”, calling him my personal trainer is an understatement. I often referred to him as my fitness guru. He is a true expert. He knows exactly how far to push you , never over does it to the point of injury. As far as I’m concerned he’s my physical therapist. He gives sound nutritional advice and of course I have lost weight and I do look and feel great, but he has done much more than that. I have a congenital defect on my right foot that has altered the way that I walk and everything I do. I have muscle atrophy on the right leg. I have tried to overcome it by myself throughout my life and have dealt with pain because of it. Sync Fitness & Movement has taught me stretches and exercises to build the strength that I need in my foot/leg so that I can move forward in advance in my training. I have had great success. I’m a work in progress. But I can say that were Sync Fitness & Movement has changed my life, not only physically but emotionally. When you have a lifelong problem like mine it very emotional. Being able to overcome those obstacles and do things I never thought that I would be able to do is very empowering and life changing.

Janie Mason

There is much to be said about being healthy and happy, especially when every day you wake, you are amazed to be alive because the weight you carry around is such a fatal burden. The weight of stress, and the weight of my unhealthy body is what convinced me to attend the free health seminar being offered in the spring of 2011 by Sync Fitness & Movement. I figured after having had several visits to the doctors and constantly being told that I should consider losing a bit of weight and having my then 16 year old daughter wondering and worrying if I would live long enough to see her graduate high school, prompted me to do something! I sat in this seminar listening carefully to the knowledge that was being shared about caloric intake, proper exercise and other facts in taking care of the one body we were given. I asked tons of questions and Sync Fitness & Movement never made me feel like an idiot. He patiently answered my questions, resolved some fears and later, won me over in the decision to hire him as my fitness coach. I made tons of mistakes in my selections of food choice and I was wimpy…most times, but the patience and encouragement he demonstrated will never be forgotten and forever appreciated. He believed in me more than I believed in myself. He pushed me to limits I had no clue to could obtain. Being 30 pounds lighter,off blood pressure pills and a lot less doctor’s visits is the greatest feeling I could have and the best gift to give to myself and my daughter. Sync Fitness & Movement has taught me how to keep this weight down over the past year, though his focus wasn’t just on weight control. It was about the quality of life I was giving myself for my family. I couldn’t believe how passionate he was about this issue.

This passion he had caused me to want to share his knowledge with others so I invited him to be a guest speaker at my school. I wanted him to share with my colleagues and the students in our building what I had learned about increasing the quality of life, working on stress management and get the basics on eating healthier! He delivered! Not just one visit, but he continues to come as a service to the community to inform our young people about the benefits of exercise and eating with awareness. I started a Food and Fitness Club which was inspired by the work Sync Fitness & Movement has done in our school. The students have learned so much about health and exercise because of him.

He impressed my colleagues so much so, that he was requested to come into our building after school to train us teachers!!! What a reward! Having someone who gave us what we needed…stress relief, nutrition information, food plans and data beyond what we expected…at a cost that almost made us feel like we were robbing him, but all he wanted was to get people on track to living a quality life because that is his passion! Amazing!!!

Sync Fitness & Movement is truly dedicated to this mission of health and I am grateful to have been coached by him. Not only do I view him as my coach, he is now my friend because only a friend would put his life into making my life whole again. I watched my daughter walk across the graduation stage and had the energy and joy to celebrate ALL week with her. I have the energy and flexibility to run around with my 6th graders. Most importantly, my quality of life improved dramatically. He is too humble to discuss all the lives he has changed. He deserves the honor of being 2014 HYLETE Fitness Professional of the Year because he has demonstrated the characteristics of a professional committed to America being fit. He practices what he preaches and delivers results with humbleness and patience. I thank him for his dedication and commitment to fitness.

Nick Nanton

Hi, I’m Nick Nanton and I’m a 3-Time Emmy Award Winning Director, 36 Time Best-Selling Author and CEO of the larges personal branding agency in the world, serving 2200 clients in 33 countries.

I’m writing to tell you a bit about why I think Sync Fitness & Movement should be your fitness professional of the year. Sync Fitness & Movement’s outreach to his community and peers within his area is just part of the story when it comes to his impact on others. His character exemplifies where other fitness professionals should set their standards. The standards I’m talking about are national and international in scope.

He has contributed much time and dedication to a fitness book, The Wellness Code, in which all his proceeds went and still go to Entrepreneurs International Foundation. This charity helps bring education and entrepreneurship to those who need it all across the globe. In addition Sync Fitness & Movement worked hard with the D+N Agency and the other authors to get the book to reach #1 on the Best-Seller list. The #1 position isn’t the main point here, it is the fact that many people have and continue to recieve top fitness advice through this book, all while helping support the journey of entrepreneurs all across the globe. I feel Sync Fitness & Movement is the best person to be the fitness professional of the year as he will represent Hylete to the fullest.