Agility – Speed – Quickness

I know there are many who promise these things with tons and tons of content to offer. I’m sure intentions are in the right place. But content is not the answer. Context is what is missing in these programs! This is what SyncFM offers through services for young athletes. With over 15 years of experience we really feel driven to help Conway’s youth athletes. Here is an outline of what I can help with in maximizing outcomes and reduce injuries in half. Specificity to a sport is essential. Specificity to an athlete is essential also. But these have to be integrated at the right times.


  • determine movement pattern issues that reduce power and performance
  • an understanding of these issues
  • have a plan of action – the athlete to improve on his or her issues over their athletic careers
  • RESULTS will be noticed by the 4 week mark in improved movement patterns and athletic performance.
  • also many pains will be eliminated that has been hindering progress in an athlete.


  • strength is essential for speed and power
  • deceleration is essential as well
  • learning what actual needs to be worked on for straight line speed, lateral speed or change of direction, vertical jump, and more

CORE training:

  • core being used to transfer forces from lower body to upper body.
  • no more magazine exercises or gym bro science ab exercises
  • approaches only to improve sprinting, doing power lifts, jumping, throwing, hitting, and all on the field or court requirements in a sport
  • TIP- continuously flexing and extending or twisting of the lower back is not
  • transfer to the sport is most important


  • learning how to rotate hips properly to generate Max power
  • how to position feet, knees, hips, back, arms and head to change direction in all directions
  • understanding how to generate kinetic energy from the ground up and transfer of that energy


  • working on exactly the what, how, when, where, and type.
  • understanding what energy systems need to improved upon


  • All athletes require this component
  • If asked how important the mental part is, most respond that it is a huge part. So why is this skipped many times? Not here at SyncFM


  • It is well known nutrition affects performance
  • Learn and get designed plans to make sure performance can be at peak