Performance Enhancement and injury prevention entails solid foundations in programming but also by keeping simplicity in the equation. Warren the founder of Sync Fitness & Movement says it best. “Simplicity is Key for Success! However, finding an expert that understands the complexity of individual needs in health, fitness, and nutrition is essential to long term success. With this understanding of “complexity,” the program designer must target your program with foundation and simplicity, develop goal progression and supply accurate education to shape your perceptions, all which determine your ultimate success” What can you expect from performance programs?

Workout outline:

  • Hip, ankle, thoracic spine, and shoulder mobility
  • Foundational strengthening and control of movement on the prime muscles (hip flexors, glute Max and medius, calves, and shoulder girdle)
  • Stability, Strength, and Power training
  • Mental Toughness Training
  • Multi directional training
  • Deceleration Training
  • Acceleration Training
  • Teaching of how to relate workout movements to the sport. This helps with more carry over to field play.
  • Visualization Training
As one might see there are plenty levels in making a well rounded athlete. The most important is a young athletes ability to follow through consistently. One of my hardest challenges is getting an athlete and parent to understand that it is about potential, and moving toward that potential. All kids get better each year because of normal childhood development. We here at Sync do not want to take credit for improvements that already take place. We want the young athlete to be above the norm. Our proven track record speaks for its self. Having multiple Pro level athletes to our youth becoming injury free plus reaching levels allowing college level play.


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