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At Sync Fitness & Movement we focus on 4 key areas of focus: mindset, nutrition, movement, and performance.

Mindset - Mental toughness certifications, past studies in a Masters in Sports Psychology, and 15 years of experience is the foundational frame work used in Sync’s mindset teachings.

Nutrition - A component that can not be dismissed by neither body transformations nor athletic performance. We are confident in saying we are the only facility or program in Central Arkansas that applies ONLY 100% science. And have done so for the last 15 years.

Movement - Key for any transformation or athletic enhancement. What do we mean by movement? It is not as simple as “get moving”. Yes just moving is better than nothing but onset heart disease is better than a full blown heart attack. BUT you rather have neither, right?

Performance - Parents are being told “to make your kid like a pro they must train like one”. Exercisers think to get that perfect body you must train like an athlete. WRONG! Pro Athletes didn’t start with what they do now, as a pro. Makes sense right?

They started with foundation foundation foundation.

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*There are payment plans available - just ask our team!

Nutrition/Exercise Counseling

Nutrition/Exercise Training (NET) - (1xwk 15min) 10 10 $397.00/package

Fitness Center

DESCRIPTION No. Of Sessions Price
Fitness Center (10 weeks) 10-30 $597-$997/package

Small Group Training (Fitness Center)

DESCRIPTION No. Of Sessions Price
Group each person PT - (1x week for 10 weeks) 10 $358/package
Group each person PT - (2x week for 10 weeks) 20 $478/package
Group each person PT - (3x week for 10 weeks) 30 $598/package
Group NET - (each person) 10 $238/package

Body Transformation

Youth Athlete

Body Transformation

bodytransform Are you looking to change your body and maintain it for good? Better yet are you tired of trying diets and workout programs with no plan for your continuous progress? Learn how we can help you make lasting changes! Begin Your Body Transformation Today

Strength and Conditioning

strength conditioning “Simplicity is Key for Success! However, finding an expert that understands the complexity of individual needs in health, fitness, and nutrition is essential to long term success.” Learn what our trainers can do for you! Improve your Strength and Fitness Today



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